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The Woman-The Artist-The Entrepreneur


“Music is a Vehicle for My Voice.”-

-Ursela Camille
My Channel

My Channel

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                    "DID U KNOW THAT"

              Theme Song for the Podcast
                       The Triage Room

"Push"a song to encourage those dealing with pain

"RESET"- a song to encourage that no matter what you go through it's
            never too late to reset
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    Based in Raleigh , N.C.
   #Christian Rap/Hip Hop
   # Inspirational Hip Hop

  Ursela Camille
         Ursela Camille
  • Inspirational Artist
  • Songwriter
  • Spoken Word Artist
  • Entrepreneur
  • podcast producer & host
             Brief Bio
Ursela Camille is a native of Raleigh NC, who is an inspirational artist, songwriter, spoken word artist, entrepreneur, and podcast producer & host of "the triage room".
as a hip hop artist, PKA "fin", the f-i-n, she has shared the stage with  dmx, lost boyz, mobb deep & more.   as an inspirational artist she has shared the stage with Da T.R.U.T.H., BREA and other Urban Gospel/Christian rap artists.
ursela camille's music continues to connect with those who love truth as she goes beyond the Surface. 
Ursela Camille’s motto is, “Music is a Vehicle for My Voice”.

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