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Artists Consultant

Assist the following types of Artists:


1)Those starting at ground level asking, " How Do I Get The Music  Out of Me and Into the World"?

2)Those who have music and ask,"Where Do I Go From Here"? 

3)Those  who want to know " How Do I Turn My Artist Brand Into A Business"?

Please click the button below for this service, print and fill out the questionnaire. Email completed questionnaire to

Rates for Services are based on client needs and will be discussed during initial "free" consultation. Once Completed Questionnaire is received via email: @ an initial "free" consultation can be scheduled. Thank You!


To receive info on upcoming webinars, join the email list @ the bottom of the home page. 

To share your webinar topic interest(s) email: 

Topics include but are not limited to:

1) Touring as a Mom

2) How to Prepare for International Tour as an Artist

3) Unleashing the Entrepreneur in the Artist

Workshop Clinician/Voice-Overs/Radio Ads Script Writing/Radio Drops

Workshop Clinician- Teach the art of Spoken Word, Songwriting Structure, Using Your Voice As An Instrument, and much more.

Voice Overs-Radio Broadcast & Dramas,  Film, Internet & TV Broadcast, Video Games,  Promo Imaging & Trailers, Cooperate, Industrial, and General Narration.

Radio Ads Script Writing- Write radio ad  scripts for your advertising needs and other commercial uses. 

Dry Radio Drops-Write and/or Record  dry custom radio drops for DJ's, Artists, etc.  

 To get detail rates for these services or more info, email If you click the button below to view the rate sheet, please Do Not click on the email address listed on the rate sheet. Simply send all inquiries by emailing Thank You!

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